Refugees & Newcomers Emotional Wellness (ReNEW)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 situation in Alberta, this service will temporarily be offered online. Click the blue chat button in the bottom right corner to get started, or click here for a list of contacts.

What is Refugees & Newcomers Emotional Wellness (ReNew)?

Are you new to Canada? Are you having difficulty dealing with all the challenges? Moving to a new place can be very hard. It is very important to find support for your emotional wellness.

You might be struggling with:

  • Conflict or war in your home country
  • Culture shock
  • Isolation
  • Alcoholism
  • Anxiety
  • Financial difficulties
  • Domestic abuse

Through the ReNEW program, we offer professional 1-on-1 counselling services. Your ReNEW counsellor can provide strength and support to help you with your problems.

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Permanent Resident of Canada or Refugee

18 years of age or older


Available Anytime


TIES Forest Lawn
1723 – 40 Street SE

TIES Whitehorn
3820 – 32 Street NE


No Registration Cost


ReNew is by appointment only. Contact us first so we can arrange a time to meet during the following office hours.

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