Arms Open Mentoring Program

What is Arms Open Mentoring?

Are you new to Canada? Do you feel lost, lonely, or confused? If you want to make connections in Calgary and area, we can help you. We offer personalized settlement support through the Arms Open Mentoring program.

When you join this program, you will be matched with a student volunteer from the University of Calgary. The student will support you as a guide. They will help answer your questions about living in Canada, for example:

  • Buying food/groceries for your family at a low cost
  • Traveling by public transit (bus or C-train),and buying a low-cost bus pass
  • Joining social groups and meeting new people
  • Finding places of worship like mosques, churches, or synagogues
  • Setting up a cell phone to communicate with your family and friends
  • Getting winter clothes for your family

The student guides also benefit from this program. They have an opportunity to learn about the challenges that newcomers to Canada face. This program encourages the Calgary community to understand and support newcomers.


New immigrants and refugees who have arrived in Calgary in the previous 18 months.

If you have language skills in Arabic, Amharic, Tigrinya, Somali, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tagalog and Spanish are particularly encouraged to apply.


Hours match TIES hours of operation


TIES Forest Lawn
1723 – 40 Street SE

TIES Whitehorn
3820 – 32 Street NE


No Registration Cost


Meetings are set by appointment and operational hours.

Arms Open Mentoring Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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