Settlement Assistance

Good help doesn't have to be hard to find.

Our settlement programs are designed to help newcomers and new Canadians find where to go, what to do, and who to speak with.

Healthy Minds

What is it? Offers free mental health counselling services, online workshops, and Mindfulness resources.

Welcome Resources Information Program (WRIP)

What is it? An information service that can answer your questions about services available for immigrants in Calgary.

Care for Newcomer Children (CNC)

What is it? Provides free childcare if you are a student of our LINC or LINC Literacy English language programs.

Money Smart Financial Literacy

What is it? Helps you save and spend money wisely through one-on-one support, workshops and more.

Settlement Chat

What is it? Live chat settlement support and counselling to help you understand your new home in Calgary.

Newcomer Community Cookbook

What is it? A series of recipe videos from around the world, demonstrated by our newcomer clients, staff & volunteers.

E-SCAPE Seniors Program

What is it? Free online English conversation & social activities for seniors.

Arms Open Mentoring

What is it? Matches you with a student volunteer who can help move with you around the city as a local guide.

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