ReNEW Partnership for Best Practices

What is ReNEW Partnership for Best Practices?

The Refugee and Newcomers Emotional Wellness (ReNEW) Partnership for Best Practice is a three year, IRCC-funded research collaboration between The Immigrant Education Society and the University of Calgary, Faculty of Nursing. The study examines practices addressing the emotional wellness of newcomers across Canada’s prairie provinces. The beneficiaries of this project are adult newcomer clients at settlement serving agencies in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg who are confronting issues of emotional wellness relating to resettlement. Specifically, the project will:

  1. Examine the mental health and emotional wellness issues and support across agencies in Winnipeg, Saskatoon Edmonton and Calgary;
  2. Develop a series of evidence-based best practices gathered from research sites and established literature, consolidated into a new model of service
  3. Examine through a pilot during the third year of the project, the effectiveness of a new model of service
  4. Assess the results of the pilot for final refinement and dissemination.

The anticipated outcomes of this project include:

  1. Providing appropriate information and service options in emotional wellness to address newcomer needs;
  2. Stakeholders have access to evidence-based and relevant strategies to address emotional wellness amongst newcomers;
  3. Clients are better able to participate in broader communities and social networks because they are less encumbered by emotional wellness issues.

Research Contact:

Cesar Suva, Ph.D, Director, Research & Program Development
The Immigrant Education Society
Ph: 403-235-3666

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