Workplace Online Retention Class (WORC)

This is a self-driven program that students complete at their own pace. There is no instructor.

What is the Workplace Online Retention Class (WORC)?

Are you an English language learner working in Canada? Do you want to improve your workplace communications skills so you can move up in your career?

The Workplace Online Retention Class (WORC) is a FREE online course providing language instruction and soft skills training to help you succeed in the Canadian workplace. Activities include workplace conversation, conflict management, etiquette, and more.

Each week, you will complete 2.5 hours of activities that focus on English-for-employment purposes. WORC is delivered through the TIES|Learn online education system, which can be accessed here.


Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee, Canadian Citizens, Work Permits, Work Visas, or Visitors

18+ years of age

Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4+ Recommended

Familiarity with computers

Internet access


12 weeks (2 hours per week)




No Registration Cost


Each week, you will:

  • Complete 2.5 hours of homework online on your own schedule.

Funded / Supported By

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