Winter Hiking

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One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of winter, and get some exercise at the same time, is to go for a hike. A hike is like a long walk, usually in the wilderness. Since you are usually far from the city when hiking, it’s very important to consider your own safety so that you do not get lost or hurt.

Hiking Safety Tips:

  • Choose a trail that matches your skill level. We’ve included some beginner trails below.
  • Check the forecast and review the trail map before going, so that you know what to expect. If you are a first-time hiker, consider bringing an experienced friend with you.
  • Bring a backpack with lots of water and high-energy snacks, such as nuts, granola bars or chocolate. Make sure to bring any wrappers or garbage with you: leaving it on the trail harms wildlife.
  • Dress in layers for the cold, including a winter coat, hat, mittens, scarf, and good boots, plus several layers of clothes underneath (wear at least two pairs of socks)! You can buy hand warmers to keep in your pockets. Bringing an extra pair of socks is a good idea in case your feet get wet. You will also need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun reflecting off the snow.
  • Tell someone where you are going and what time you plan to be back, preferably a family member or neighbour. That way, if you do not come home, they know where to look for you.

Beginner Winter Hikes:

Grotto Canyon (1 hour outside of Calgary)
(Note: you will need crampons for this one).
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