Winter Drinks

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Staying warm is an important part of enjoying winter, and sipping on hot drinks throughout the day is an easy way to stay warm, relax, and maybe even get in extra nutrients! You can try the following:

  • Dried teas: Teas made with fresh or dried mint, licorice, or ginger, are excellent and healthy ways to stay warm and help digest your food. These ingredients help settle the stomach and help with nausea and indigestion, something we can all feel after eating too many delicious winter foods!
  • Citrus teas: East Asian cultures in particular enjoy warming teas made from tree fruits such as yuzu and lime. These teas are often in jelly form, containing the dried fruit and sugar. Simply stir a spoonful into hot water and enjoy a hot, warming beverage with lots of vitamin C.
  • Hot apple cider: Hot apple cider is a sweet, spiced, non-alcoholic drink most commonly sold in individual packages – just add the powder to water and enjoy! Be careful though – this drink can have a lot of sugar, so treat it like a dessert. The flavours of apples, cinnamon, oranges, and cloves are wonderful.
  • Hot chocolate: You may have tried hot chocolate if you have ever been to a hockey rink or outdoor winter festival. This drink is a favourite of kids and adults alike, and you can either buy the powdered mix from the grocery store, or make it from dark cocoa and milk yourself.
  • Egg nog: This drink is usually sold in cartons next to the milk at the grocery store, and it is commonly enjoyed near the Christmas holiday each year. While some people enjoy it cold, this rich drink of egg yolks, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla is also nice when it’s warmed up.
  • Mulled wine: If you drink red wine, then the winter tradition of making “mulled wine” is a delicious way to warm up. You can also make it with non-alcoholic red wine. Simply simmer a bottle of red wine together with slices of an orange, some sugar, and some spices, and you have a delicious, warming winter drink. Get the recipe here.
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