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What to expect on your first day at a new job

How you want to feel on day one at your new job: confident. How you might really feel: confused. Ease your new-hire nerves by knowing what to expect and setting some goals for what you want to achieve that day. Five goals for your first day at a new job Goal 1: Be Prepared When [...]

What is maternity leave? Will I be able to keep my job?

What is maternity leave? For working parents-to-be, preparing for a new baby requires a lot more planning than just choosing the perfect name. One question your employer may ask is, “Will you be taking any leave?” Under Alberta’s Employment Standards, you may be eligible to take unpaid time off work to care for a new child. You [...]

Thinking of moving to Calgary? People, culture, and work

Moving to Canada is a big change, wherever you’re from. You have to think about the cost of living, the difference in culture, and likely speaking another language, among other things. Here, we will break down some of the things you should think about before moving to Calgary, so you can decide if Calgary is [...]

Tips for a successful job interview

First impressions are important, and one of the most important impressions you can make is at the job interview. At the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society, we provide several employment classes that can help you prepare for this experience, but there are a few tips that we want to share. Dress for success Professional business clothes are [...]
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