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How do I watch hockey in Calgary?

Hockey: Canada’s favourite pastime. We love cheering for our home team, screaming with excitement when a goal is scored, and eating nachos and popcorn in the stands. Going to a hockey game is a great social event to experience with your friends and family. Check out a Calgary Flames or Hitmen game and experience a [...]

What is lacrosse?

What is lacrosse? Background History It might surprise you to learn that lacrosse is Canada’s official summer sport – that’s right, it’s not all about hockey! This illustration shows a very early version of lacrosse played by the Iroquois people of eastern Canada and the U.S. You also might be interested to know that lacrosse [...]

How do I get into playing sports in Calgary?

Are you new to getting into sports in Calgary? Do you have kids who want to play sports? Whether you want to play competitively or just for fun, there are many options! You also have some great choices for getting your kids involved in community sports. Though there are many sports available, hockey and soccer [...]
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