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I want to be a Calgary Police Officer. What do I need to do?

Becoming a police officer is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers that you can choose today. As a police officer, no two days will be alike, you will meet many different people with very different backgrounds, and you have the opportunity to specialize in a given skill or move up through the ranks [...]

What is Crime Stoppers?

Calgary is a very safe place to live. This is thanks to the hard work of the Calgary Police Service and people who report crimes when they happen. Sometimes, people are too scared to go to the police, or are afraid of getting involved. This can be because the crime involves someone they know, or that they [...]

What is the Calgary Police Service?

Calgary Police Service (CPS) is a civil service agency that works separately from the Canadian government and military. Its goal is to preserve the quality of life that Calgarians enjoy by making Calgary a safe place to live, work, and visit. If you have been the victim of a crime, or see a crime in progress, [...]
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