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How are credit unions different from banks?

Credit unions are financial institutions where you can safely store and invest your money, just like a bank. Credit unions provide: chequing and savings accounts mortgage business and personal loans investment advice Credit unions are known to provide more personalized service to their clients than banks do, despite being smaller. How are credit unions different [...]

What are the different types of financial institutions?

Banks, trust companies, and credit unions are all financial institutions that can provide you with services. It is very important that you are able to recognize the difference between them, so you can register with the organization that is right for you. Read on to find out more. Banks, Trust Companies, and Credit Unions Banks [...]

What are the different types of bank accounts?

There are two main types of bank accounts: savings and chequing accounts. Savings accounts are used to save money. Chequing accounts are used to pay money owed to other people or companies. Both accounts are offered by different types of financial institutions including banks, trust companies, and credit unions.  Read this guide to find out [...]

What is a Registered Savings Plan?

The Government of Canada offers many Registered Savings Plans to help you save. These plans are savings accounts that come with tax benefits. They let you avoid or defer (pay later) some of the taxes you pay. The "registered" in Registered Savings Plans comes from how you have to register the account with the Canada [...]
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