Tag: Financial Assistance

What is the Canada Child Benefit (CCB)?

Believe it or not, the Government of Canada gives away money in exchange for, well, simply having children! If you have one or more children under the age of 18, you could be eligible for the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), a monthly payment to families, given by the Government of Canada. Note: The government has [...]

What is a Registered Savings Plan?

The Government of Canada offers many Registered Savings Plans to help you save. These plans are savings accounts that come with tax benefits. They let you avoid or defer (pay later) some of the taxes you pay. The "registered" in Registered Savings Plans comes from how you have to register the account with the Canada [...]

How do I get an Alberta Health Benefit Plan (for Low Income)?

Low income individuals and immigrant families living in Calgary are encouraged to apply for health benefit support through the Alberta Adult Health Benefit Plan and Alberta Child Health Benefit Plan. These two programs provide financial support for the high cost of medicine and help adults and children living on a limited income with their frequent medical needs. How do I get Alberta Health Benefits? [...]

How do I use the Calgary Food Bank?

Food insecurity is a rising issue in Canada. The Calgary Food Bank was formed in order to address this. It is the largest, most accessible food bank in Calgary. If your family needs help getting enough food on the table, a food hamper from the Calgary Food Bank can help. Read on to find out [...]
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