Tag: Emergency Response

What is Calgary Emergency Medical Services (EMS)?

Sometimes, health problems require more immediate or serious care. You cannot afford to wait and see a doctor for these problems because this could lead to your condition worsening. Such cases are known as emergencies. If you find yourself involved in a medical emergency, it's very important to call Emergency Medical Services (EMS) right away. [...]

Where can I find affordable emergency or short-term housing?

Affordable housing serves all kinds of people. Different people have different housing needs. No matter their background, affordable housing is meant to support people and provide them with the ability to thrive. There are many different affordable housing programs in Calgary, including emergency housing for people experiencing threatening or difficult life situations. This guide article [...]

What is the Calgary Fire Department?

The Calgary Fire Department provides many emergency and non-emergency services around Calgary. Teams of firefighters respond to fires, emergency incidents, and motor vehicle collisions. Firefighters are working 24 hours a day at 39 fire stations around Calgary. Thankfully, this means that a firefighter team is always nearby when there is an emergency. If you have an [...]

What is the Calgary Police Service?

Calgary Police Service (CPS) is a civil service agency that works separately from the Canadian government and military. Its goal is to preserve the quality of life that Calgarians enjoy by making Calgary a safe place to live, work, and visit. If you have been the victim of a crime, or see a crime in progress, [...]
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