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How do I use the Calgary Public Library?

The first branch of the Calgary Public Library (CPL) opened in 1912, making the CPL over 100 years old. It has come a long way since then. The CPL is constantly growing to allow Calgarians of all backgrounds to use its services. Being a member of the CPL gives you access to a huge number of books, [...]

Why is volunteering important (and how do I do it)?

If you’re busy hunting for a job to pay your bills, it might seem foolish to give your time to an unpaid volunteer role. Shouldn’t you spend every moment working on resumes and cover letters? In fact, becoming a volunteer can be an essential part of your employment strategy, especially if you are new to [...]

How do I use the Calgary Food Bank?

Food insecurity is a rising issue in Canada. The Calgary Food Bank was formed in order to address this. It is the largest, most accessible food bank in Calgary. If your family needs help getting enough food on the table, a food hamper from the Calgary Food Bank can help. Read on to find out [...]
Image courtesy of City of Calgary News Blog

How does waste collection work in Calgary?

All private homes (and some apartment and condo buildings) in Calgary are given black, blue, and green bins for waste collection. From left to right: garbage, recycling, and compost bins. How does waste collection work in Calgary? The Basics Scheduling The City of Calgary is responsible for picking up and emptying waste collection bins once [...]
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