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What credentials do I need to work in childcare?

Perhaps you worked as a childcare professional in your home country or maybe you want to join our team at CIES. Whatever your background or reason, there is a growing demand for childcare workers in Canada. This is because a large number of single-parent families and parents are taking on multiple jobs to support their families. [...]

What do I need to register for childcare service?

Almost half of all parents in Canada have used childcare services. When choosing a childcare service, there are number of things to consider. Your child might also need certain documentation/vaccination records to register. This guide will help you with learning more about childcare registration. What do I need to register for childcare/childminding? How do I pick a [...]

How do I find childcare or childminding? (Link)

As a parent, and especially as a newcomer in a new country, one of the most pressing concerns after you find employment is looking for childcare for your children. Landing in a new country, without the comfort of a familiar support network, means having to arrange childcare that you can trust and rely on. In [...]
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