Preparing Your House & Vehicle for Winter

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Preparing your house and vehicle for winter will keep you safe and save you money in the long run. 

Winter vehicle tips

Clear snow from your car’s windshield so that you can see properly as you drive.
  • Clear ice and snow from your vehicle. Before you get in your car, make sure to brush off any snow and scrape off ice on your windshield, windows, mirrors and lights so you can see properly while driving. To help clear fog, turn up the heat in your car. You can buy a scraper/brush from Canadian Tire.
  • Switch your tires in the winter. Most Calgarians put winter tires on their vehicle in the winter. Because of ice and snow on the roads, sometimes your tires may slip, which can cause accidents. Winter tires have treads designed to grip ice and snow. If you can afford it, a good pair of winter tires are worth the price. If you have questions, click here to learn more or contact the Alberta Motor Association at 1-888-799-1522.
  • Drive more carefully. Accidents are more likely in the winter because of poor traction and visibility. Allow extra time for travel, slow down and brake early. Leave two car lengths between you and the car in front of you in case you slide while stopping.
  • Put your windshield wipers in the upright position when leaving your car. This will extend the use of the wipers by preventing them from freezing to the windshield.
  • Put together an emergency car kit. This could include extra warm clothing, gloves, a blanket, first aid kit, booster cables, granola bars, small shovel, and flashlight. Tip: fill a container with cat litter to pour on the ice around your tires in case you get stuck. This will help your tires gain traction.
Within 24 hours of snowfall ending, homeowners must remove snow and ice from their property.

Snow removal bylaw

All homeowners in Calgary must follow the snow removal bylaw. Within 24 hours of snowfall ending, homeowners must remove snow and ice from public sidewalks bordering their property. 

When you are shoveling snow from the sidewalks by your house, make sure to pile it on your yard, and not out onto the street. The reason this bylaw exists is because if each homeowner takes responsibility to clear the sidewalk by their house, all the public sidewalks in the city will be safe for everyone to use. If you do not follow this bylaw, the City of Calgary may fine you $150 (or more for repeat offences).

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