Outdoor Activities (Recreation for Kids and Adults)

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  • Build a Snowman. The best time to make a snowman is a few days after a snowfall, when the snow sticks together. Click here for a video that shows you how to do it.
    • STEP 1: Build three snowballs by forming small snowballs with your hands, then rolling them through the snow to make them larger. Make a small, medium and large snowball. 
    • STEP 2: Stack them on top of each other. The large snowball is the base, the medium snowball is the torso, and the small snowball is the head.
    • STEP 3: Add a face, arms and clothes using materials from outside or around your house.
  • Build a Snow Fort. Kids love to play pretend, and a snow fort makes a great castle, fortress, or house. There are many different ways to build a snow fort, but here are some ideas. (*SAFETY NOTE: Do not leave young children alone in large forts. They can collapse.)
    • Stack large snowballs on top of each other and pack them down with your hands to build walls.
    • Shovel all the snow into your yard into a huge pile. Let freeze overnight. The next day, use a shovel or ice scraper to dig a tunnel into the side of the fort. Click here for a how-to video.
  • Have a Snowball Fight. Form a small ball of snow with your hands, and throw it at someone! Be careful not to aim for their face. This is especially fun if you build a snow fort to hide behind.
  • Find a Geocache. Geocaching is a worldwide activity where small containers, called “geocaches,” are hidden in public parks and natural areas for others to find. The coordinates are posted to www.geocaching.com, and you can download the app to start looking for them!

    Caches usually have a logbook for you to sign and some trading items. The basic rule is “take something, leave something,” so if you plan to take something out of the cache, leave another small item for the next person to find.
  • Make Snow Angels. Lay down on your back in the snow, then wave your arms and legs through the snow to make wings and a gown. Click here for a how-to video.
  • Try Outdoor Snow “Crafts.” Here are some ideas:
    • Fill a squirt bottle with water and a few drops of food colouring. Kids can use this to “paint” the snow.
    • Make a hole in snowballs and insert glow sticks or battery-operated candles to make snow lanterns.
    • Blow bubbles outside and watch them freeze on the snow.

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