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During the winter, you may be spending more time indoors with your family. This is a great opportunity to try a new hobby, game or craft. Below are some fun indoor activities you can try:

  • Make a Craft: Explore your creative streak and experience the satisfaction of making something with your hands. If you have kids, try these crafts with them!
    • Paper Snowflakes: You can hang these up in the windows to add some winter magic to your house. All you need is some white paper, a pen, and a pair of scissors. Click here for a how-to video.
    • Snowman Craft: If it’s too cold to make a snowman outdoors, make one out of paper or yarn instead. Click here for a paper snowman craft, or click here for a yarn snowman craft.
    • Knit or Crochet: Make your own cozy scarves, hats and more (which are especially useful in a Canadian winter!) To knit, you will need some yarn and a set of knitting needles. STASH is a great place to get knitting supplies in Calgary. Click here for a beginner how to knit video.
    • Decorate a Holiday Sweater: wearing a silly, over-the-top holiday sweater is a funny winter tradition. Use an old sweater or buy a cheap one at a second hand store (like Goodwill or Value Village) and decorate it with felt, glitter glue and buttons.
  • Puzzles are a great way to pass the time during the winter. They are fun for all ages, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are very satisfying to complete! You can find them at Walmart, PM Hobbycraft, or Toys R Us.

  • Play a board game (or card game). Here are some beginner games to get started:
  • Set up a bird feeder in your yard. While many animals migrate or hibernate during the cold winter months, there are a number of winter birds that stay in Calgary. If you like wildlife, this is a great way to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. Common winter birds include chickadees, nuthatches, sparrows, and house finches.

    Make sure to choose a squirrel-proof feeder (Brome brand feeders work well), otherwise the squirrels might knock it down or destroy it! You can buy bird seed from Canadian Tire or your local pet store.
  • Visit an indoor garden. Do you miss seeing the green of living plants? There are still plants growing in Calgary during the winter – indoors!
    • The Devonian Gardens in downtown Calgary is bursting with plant life, plus it’s free to visit! In addition to the garden, there is also a playground for kids, koi fish ponds, and the occasional art display or concert.
    • The Calgary Zoo Conservatory is kept warm and humid at all times of the year, and is home to a variety of fruit trees, flowering plants (and butterflies during the summer!) To enter the Conservatory, you must pay the Zoo entry fee or hold a Zoo membership.
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