What are my options for English language classes?

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At The Immigrant Education Society (TIES), we know that learning English is an important part of settling in Canada. To learn English faster, many immigrants attend English language classes offered all over Calgary. TIES offers many English  instruction programs for newcomers. While there are too many different classes to discuss here, we want to introduce you to a few that we offer and give you ideas on how to get started!

What is the best English class for me?

Step 1: Get assessed!

Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) offers a number of English testing and referral services. Testing is available at the Immigrant Language and Vocational Assessment Referral Centre (ILVARC). It is important to get tested so you can be referred to the English language class that is best for you!

For more information, contact ILVARC at ILVARC@immigrantservicescalgary.ca or 403-262-2656.

Step 2: Learn more!

Counselors at Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) are the most qualified at referring immigrants to English language programs. You can also do your own research through their website; they have a directory of English Language Learning programs that can be accessed here. It’s a good idea to ask for a referral to an English class when you make your appointment to have your English tested (see Step 1 above).

Step 3: Choose your class!

Once you know more about your options, you might want to get started right away. Unfortunately, the large demand for English instruction can mean that sometimes, there will be a waiting list. Also, some English classes will not accept new students without a referral document from ISC. If you have your English assessment and referral ready, you’ll be in a good place to take any number of classes at TIES. This  includes our main LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) program, and:

Other language programs offered by TIES are:

Check the next section for information on these programs!

TIES offers many options for English language classes. Students with all sorts of schedules, needs, and abilities can find a class that suits them best. Click on the pictures to view the program page.


English Employment

Other Programs

You can find out more about the English programs offered by TIES by calling or visiting our office. We have 3 locations to serve you, in Forest Lawn SE, Whitehorn NE, and Westwinds NE.

Forest Lawn SE Location

1723 – 40th Street, S.E., Calgary, AB, T2A 7Y3



Whitehorn NE Location

3820, 32nd Street N.E., Calgary, AB, T1Y 7L9



Westwinds NE Location

#311, 32 Westwinds Crescent NE, Calgary, AB, T3J 5L3



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