How do I get Employment Insurance (EI)? (Link)

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In Canada, Employment Insurance (EI) is a program that provides benefits to eligible unemployed people. The linked page provides information about the different types of EI benefits, eligibility, and how to apply for EI.

The types of benefits available are:

  1. Regular benefits
  2. Sickness benefits
  3. Maternity and parental benefits
  4. Compassionate care benefits
  5. Benefits for the self-employed
  6. Benefits for Canadians living abroad
  7. Family Caregiver Benefit for Children
  8. Family Caregiver Benefit for Adults
  9. Fishing benefits

When you click on any of the benefit titles that are in bold underlined text, for example Regular Benefits, an internet page will have more information about that benefit, including the following:

  1. Overview
  2. Eligibility
  3. How much you could receive
  4. What you need before you start
  5. Apply
  6. After you have applied
  7. While on EI

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