Anti-racism in Alberta

Government of Alberta introduces new road map to anti-racism

Newcomers face enough hardship when immigrating to a new country and on top of that, having qualifications go unrecognized is a huge barrier to allowing newcomers to build a life.

The Alberta Government has just created a new road map in tackling racism in Albertan communities. One of the policies that strongly resonates with us is the enactment of the Fair Registration and Practices Act and the creation of the Fairness for Newcomers Office. Both of these road map items help to increase transparency and fairness within registration. Additionally, the Creation of the Fairness for Newcomers Office breaks down barriers for qualified newcomers, ensuring regulated professions are fair to everyone.

TIES was honoured to join Mr. Muhammad Yaseen, Associate Minister, Immigration and Multiculturalism, for the Alberta Anti-racism Action Plan news release on July 18, 2022 at McDougall Centre, Calgary.

At TIES, one of our values is inclusion. We recognize that it is not enough to say we’re non-racist and thus, we must be actively anti-racist and take actions to reduce discrimination in our current society. This is reflected in when we use the word inclusion. Diversity in a workplace refers to the existence of different and unique people. We preach diversity everyday at TIES, but the most important part is inclusion; actively ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity and resources.

TIES President and CEO, Sally Zhao recently spoke upon the new road map that the Alberta is in the process of implementing. We applaud the specific tactics that the government is using to actively combat racism in our communities. “As we all work to strengthen our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, we applaud the Alberta government’s renewed focus to address the structural roots of disparity. Partnering with like-minded organizations to promote social inclusion, this new provincial initiative will empower communities to create more targeted programs that will lead to better cultural awareness resulting in reduced hate and discrimination. Anti-racism policies, combined with the newly created Fairness for Newcomers Office, will become a valued road map on the path to more inclusiveness and a stronger society.”

From the Government of Alberta

Read more about the new road map here:

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